Friday 24 March 2023

Startling Reveal Shows Why West Ham Will Beat the Drop

These are worrying times at West ham - languishing in the relegation zone and distracted by a European campaign that just keeps running and running!

With 12 games left in the Premiership that include tough home fixtures against top six sides looking for points, you would have to wonder where the 14-15 points needed for survival are going to come from. 

Fans have been waiting for the squad to click into gear and deliver a series of results that would pull us away from the relegation mire, but instead we have slowly sunk deeper into the sludge.

However, an analysis by the folk at Hammers news gives considerable cause for hope. Looking at the table detailing our last 8 games there is evidence that we are starting to outperform our relegation rivals. 

It's nip and tuck in terms of points accrued over the past 8 games, but if Moyes men can see off Southampton in their next game then the evidence suggests we will be pulling away from trouble.

Add that to our relative lack of injury woes and that we have options all over the pitch, perhaps things aren't as bad as many think.

However, we simply MUST beat Southampton on Sunday week!


  1. When rice is sold make sure the money goes back into the club not the directors pockets will need that money when we are relegated

  2. If mark noble is supporting moyes to keep his job then mark himself is going to be a waste of time for w ham in his new role

    1. Agree noble will lose respect from us fans if he becomes a yes man and keeps favouring his buddies whitch will be a shame

  3. Latest news owners of london stadium ready to pull plug on w ham fc after major dispute would leave the club with no ground to play

  4. When are w ham going to learn all the talk about signing new strikers we've got good strikers this is all about moyes not having the ability to play them correctly and never will

  5. Will still now in running for tottenham job confirm

  6. If the london assembly who own the london stadium agree to chelsea play there for 4 years they can as they have the final say it will be shared with w ham

  7. Scamacca in row with moyes 5 minutes ago

  8. West Ham fan 50 years imn sorry this performance against southampton was shit worst football we've played in years end of

  9. Agree terrible to watch

  10. Potter in talks with leicester city with view to be there next manager


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