Sunday 12 March 2023

Moyes Goes For Offensive Starting XI

Make no mistake, today's clash with Aston Villa is a big game. With the backdrop of a serious European adventure, the Hammers need to keep on top of their stuttering Premiership campaign. 

Having slipped into the bottom three with just 13 games to go, Moyes will know that a win today is vital to allow adequate attentions on Europe.

Bearing in mind the paucity of trophies amassed over our history, maintaining Premiership along with a win or runners up position in Europe would represent a reasonable season and probably keep David Moyes job as manager.

Just why West ham find themselves in this situation is complicated - the current squad has quality and depth in most positions but a combination of injuries and failure to gel has resulted in a poor league position. 

Many sides have worked out how to play against the Moyes' method and the Hammers have lacked a potent plan B when keeping it tight and breaking from turnover ball hasn't worked. 

The good news is that Moyes has a lot of quality players coming back from injury and apart from Fab, Antonio and Coufal, pretty much has a full squad to pick from.

Today's line up looks sharp up front and with Soucek, Rice, Zouma and Aguerd, should be defensively tight through the middle. Moyes' men look more vulnerable down the flanks but if Bowen and Benrahma put in good shifts we should be ok. 

If it doesn't go according to plan we have quality on the bench with Scamacca, Fornals, Cornet etc to shake things up. 

Let's do this.


West Ham United: Areola, Kehrer, Aguerd, Zouma, Emerson, Rice ©, Souček, Paquetá, Bowen, Benrahma, Ings

Substitutes: Anang, Johnson, Ogbonna, Downes, Cornet, Cresswell, Fornals, Lanzini, Scamacca


  1. News just in MUBANA to leave W Ham to sign for Liverpool

  2. An offensive starting eleven, is Moyes starting Lineker...

  3. Takes ings of and replaces him with midfielder scamacca needs to get out of our shithole

  4. No goals fro open play again

  5. We end up playing with no centre forward again no wonder we cant score any goals cship here we come

  6. Get moyes out of our club now before it's to late for fucks sake how much more evidence do you need here not up to the job

  7. Myself and my family have been coming to w ham for over 40 years we have 15 tickets between us we've just arrived back in kent after todays game we are so bored with this club now we all tore our tickets up and wont be wasting our time and money watching this sick club anymore

  8. Scamacca and paquetta I would get out of w ham as quicly as you can worst owners and manager in prem soon to be cship

    1. Agree there far to good for w ham

  9. Scamacca accused of chucking it in training it's not all about how many miles you run it's about brains style flair patters of play imn afraid we at w ham are out the ark now it's a shame not many years ago we played some of the best football in the league

  10. Hegyi been called up to play for Hungary he wont get a chance under moyes now he dosnt play people who are good enough to play for there countries


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