Sunday, 3 October 2021

Moyes Keeps it Predictable with Starting XI

Two Young Hammers Ready to Rock!

On paper this game looks like  cracker! Two strong attacking sides who are playing fearless football and like to go toe to toe with their opposition. We can look forward to an open and free-flowing game at the London Stadium!

Can Zouma and Oggy clamp Toney and Co.?, will the Hammers be able to boss midfield and frustrate a very fluid Brentford unit?, can Brentford's leaky defence cope with the counterattacking precision of Moyes' men? 

These two sides probably have the happiest squads in the league right now with the positivity at West ham flowing through the players and fans.

Rory Nostradamus has predicted a 4-3 thriller with Ex-Brentford assassin Said Benrahma to continue his scoring spree with the deciding goal. 

Happy days - this will be a drama to savour!

WEST HAM STARTING XI: Lukasz Fabianski, Vladimir Coufal, Aaron Cresswell, Kurt Zouma, Angelo Ogbonna, Declan Rice(C), Tomas Soucek, Said Benrahma, Pablo Fornals, Jarrod Bowen, Michail Antonio


  1. Soucek form has dipped because rice insistance on playing a different role further upfield this season Also the players ars knackered we have such a small squad

    1. Agree Soucec is playing much deeper

    2. The balance has gone in midfield now rice getting forward soucek playing far to deep becomes inafective

  2. I say it again and again Antonio is not an out and out goalscorer It was a bad mistake not to bring in a back up in the transfer window as results will now show

  3. Moyes stated we wasted chances today Hes correct But in turn sign a bloody goal scoring centre forward then

  4. Frank a manager to earmark for a future w ham manager

  5. Moyes not being positive is hes downfall That's why he failed at Man u Allways will be outside top six

  6. Let me make it clear the takeover bid was genuine There is proof re E Mails in this case it is the club who are truly telling lies

  7. W ham to sell conor Coventry Newcastle and Arsenal favourites to sign him

  8. Bayo picks brighton over w ham pre winter deal agreed

  9. Moyes brilliant job organising w ham but real shame he let's players leave the club who are real talents his big downfall he wont let skillfull players reach there true potential he puts work rate first but thats not always the correct way to go shame we will never get beyond top 6

    1. Agree been watching w ham 50 years now result will go downhill moyes dosnt allow flamboyance and individuals to reach there best your Brookings dicanio and poyets are a thing of the past at the club and that's a shame

    2. That's right it good w ham are working hard and difficult to beat but you still need that bit of magic to be at the top

  10. Newcastle want soucek confirmed

  11. Moyes taken all the flair away from yamalenko and berahma ITS NOT RIGHT it happened with Haller and Anderson to

  12. Haller named european footballer of the month 10 goals in 11 games All the flair being pushed away from w ham

    1. That's correct w ham have no flair anymore otherwise haller and anderson wouldn't have been sold so cheaply moyes just cant handle skillfull individuals he just dont know how to play them

    2. That's why he was sacked at man u cant get best out of skilled players holds them back with work rate taking priority

  13. Everyone slagging of Yamalenco But the truth is like Haller and Anderson Moyes isnt given him a chance No one can produce their best playing 10 minutes now and again

  14. Bowen antonio injuries

  15. Injuries injuries injuries our squad is so small and as for having one centre forward at the club well says it all moyes doing a great job but he is reluctant to rotate or use subs that and not allowing players to show true flair was hes biggest failure at everton

  16. Haller named european footballer of month looks odds on for golden boot award

    1. Allways said it moyes just cant bring best out of naturally skilled players that's hes one downfall that holds his teams from being champions great credit to moyes though what hes done at w ham he loves workrate

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