Thursday 14 February 2019

Fe Fi Fo Fum...

I smell the blood of an Englishman...

In devastating news, Irish Hammers have woken to the reality that Dekky Rice won't be leading the boys in Green as we booze our way across the globe celebrating participation at any tournament that will have us! Sadly, he has instead opted to engage with the fashion parade that is team Engerland.

While you have to respect the lads decision, it's hard not to worry that he will find himself treated like so many Hammers in previous years and left out of squads because he doesn't play with one of the top six even bigger worry is that all of this Engerland stuff may ultimately result in his leaving West Ham for one of the 'cherished' clubs. Grrrr.

As such. Declan joins the ranks of Hammers who have opted to go for England and missed out on the opportunity to be national heroes in Ireland and enjoy endless International game time in a squad that is known for its camaraderie. let's hope he fares better with his England aspirations than Mark O'Noble, Kevin O'Nolan and (probably) Billy O'Bonds! Only time will tell. Whatever else, please lets not have another Dean Ashton experience!

From VERYWESTHAM we give respect and wish him the best of luck, albeit with great disappointment and sadness.



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