Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Revealed: The Readymade Striker who can Propel West Ham into the Top Six Next Season

Look, he's behind you!!!

As West ham up their pursuit of top attacking talent to spearhead the Pellegrini era, its worth noting the in Javier Hernandez the club already has one of the World's top strikers on their books. 

With a modest 8 goals in 28 appearances last season, Chicharito's return to the Premier League was somewhat underwhelming, with a strike rate well below his career average of approximately 0.5 goals per game. However, it must be remembered that his minutes-per-goal ratio during his time with Manchester United is among the most prolific in the history of the Premiership!

Despite that, Hernandez fell out of favour under the Moyes regime at Old Trafford as his lack of physicality did not fit in with Moyes' preferred set up of a single striker. With Moyes departing for the more offensively minded Pellegrini Hernandez' second campaign looks likely to be an improvement - an observation that is underlined by his World Cup performances to date where he has contributed 2 important goals towards Mexico's push into the last 16.

With two years to run on his contract, West ham are spared all the frustrating wheeling and dealing that capturing top talent entails these days. Consider this: if Hernandez had been at Leverkusen last year and waz only arriving at the London Stadium just now, imagine how excitex Hammers fans would be? Under Pellegrini we can finally get to see the real Chicharito in action and in a more attack minded set up my money is on him returning to his previous prolific strike rate.



  1. Chicharito will smash goals all season under Pellegrini
    (if we can get Chicharito to stay)

  2. That's the rub. He wud never have stayed under Moyes.

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