Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Hammers New Kit Falls Well Wide of the Mark

After all the strife of last season where the fading identity of West Ham United was called into question, all eyes are on a happier time next year with a new start and a chance for the board to reassure fans that we are moving forward.

With all the distractions of the World Cup many fans have been distracted from what is usually an exciting moment when our new kit is revealed. However a quick glance reveals that our new strip is possibly the least West Ham-like kit we have had in living memory! Where's all the sky blue gone? The home kit looks considerably more like a Burnley strip than a Hammers one!

Ironically, club legend Billy Bonds is one of our kit models but a quick look back to Bonzo's time demonstrates that in comparison to 1974, it looks more like something Leighton James and the lads up in Burnley would've been wearing!

The independent fans group voiced a variety of concerns last year but maybe one that was missing is where is our greatest ever kit disappeared to? The double claret stripe on sky blue is surely the most aesthetically pleasing kit of all time yet we seem to have discarded our bland dark blue away kit for 2018/9 shows.

We are not impressed! The identity of a club is closely aligned to its colours - something that seems to be fading in 2018/9. Whatever fan forum exists for next season might raise this issue with our club management?

Just a thought.


  1. I agree the home shirt isn't anything to write home about but I think the away shirt is a bit different and a nice colour!

  2. Don't worry about the shirt,worry about who is wearing it.

  3. I bought a new shirt yesterday in the lakeside store,i got the one without the betway logo.

  4. We are season ticketing this year...

  5. Shannon to Stansted?,i was going to move back to nenagh but I am still here in Essex.

  6. Cork or of us lives in Cork...better times for an in and out trip...

  7. Southend is ok now as well,good train links.

  8. I bought a new shirt yesterday in the lakeside store,i got the one without the betway logo.



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