Sunday 29 October 2023

Drab Dychian affair as Hammers unable to find opening

It's been a tricky first half for West ham as Everton have imposed their combatative, if limited, game on proceedings. 

Paqueta and Kudus have looked lively, while Everton have remained disciplined, if unadventurous. Dyche will feel his side are better suited to the scrappy fare as Everton look to gring out a much needed result.

Kudus picked up a bizarre yellow card after a nasty challenge from James Tarkowski, in which the Ecerton centre back seemed to leave a bt in for Kudus. Jordan Pickford then stood over the floored Kudus roaring into his face. Pickford also collected a yellow which will hopefully quieten his timewasting antics as the game progresses.

West ham need a goal to draw Everton out to play. They certainly haven't looked close to finding the key in the first half.


  1. Scamacca with 2 superb goals come on w ham time for moyes to go cant play stand watching this rubbish anymore we have the players now to play football ron greenwood idea keep the ball make the opponents run moyes idea let the opponents have the ball and we do the running no not my w ham anymore

  2. Latest mubama wanted by newcastle see him as new Alan Shearer CONFIRMED

  3. Fornals to leave w ham for higher grade football at sevilla confirm

  4. Said this a year ago moyes should have gone we kept him on predicted we would be in the some old situation and here we are


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