Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The image that Hammers Fans most want to see right now!

With our last post recalling the Incegate fiasco where the Guvnor had his picture released in his new clubs colours before the deal was official, switch forward to 2019 and such misleading imagery is so much easier to put out there!

So, as Italian press reveals that Sebastien Haller is on his way to the London stadium for E40m from Eintract Frankfurt the Hammers are looking forward to welcoming a player often referred to as the new David Trezeguet. Fast and powerful, he looks well suited to the Premier League and notched 19 goals last year in the Bundesliga along with a hoist of valuable assists- stats that outperform Mr Maxi Gomes!

Fingers crossed, here is how he will look in the handsome new kit!


  1. Would be a gamble but a good one

  2. Man untd now favorites to sign him

  3. Wasted time again he's signing for man u

  4. Confirmed untd want haller

  5. M u to make huge bid for haller

  6. A perfect replacement for lukrku

    1. Perfect for man u get him signed

  7. Huge bid from untd for w ham target to go in today


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