Saturday 4 November 2017

The Bookies Get it Spot On As Hammers Implode...again

The prematch odds for this evenings game at the London Stadium seemed a bit unfair placing West Ham at 4-1 against a win despite playing at home. However, once again the Hammers have looked listless and without a clear game plan. Conceding two poor goals to Liverpool in a first half that they will want to forget. For the first goal Edmilisen Fernandes half-hearted jog back to try to prevent a Liverpool break summed up the spirit in the camp.

Even the most ardent Bilic fans (and I count myself among them) must be starting to wonder if its time for a change. Our squad really isn't performing. Perhaps we over-rate the depth in quality, but Lanzini, Hernandez, Louyate and Reid are surely players that would improve most sides in the Premiership? The season is not beyond saving and if we want to hold on to our better players we need to buck up - and fast. Even worse, we are starting to look like a side that deserves to be caught up in the relegation battle.

As we slide towards another embarrassing defeat Antonio's error last week against Palace may prove a key element in accelerating Bilic's departure. After 75 minutes we are 4-1 down. The atmosphere is very sour indeed. The bookies called it right in terms of the odds of a home win, and had quoted Slaven Bilic as third favourite to be next sacked Premiership manager at 5-1 before tonight's game. You'd have to  wonder what the odds will be now?


  1. I personally don't think the odds are pretty good. The match was sour indeed, and I was a bit disappointed while watching it, however stuff like this always happens in games.

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