Sunday 3 September 2017

Anyone feeling embarrassed?

During the week I had an enlightening encounter at the leisure centre. As i was packing away my gear into my claret n blue holdall a stranger asked me if it was West ham. The predictably entertaining conversation followed as we discussed all things West ham and I then invited him to join our Derghammers supporters club.

In describing the group I mentioned that we were all 'proper' Hammers - long suffering, passionate fans who enjoy decent football and even if we don't always win!

He then remarked that we sounded old school and not like the fickle new fans who have flooded social media this week with their feelings of anger and outrage - demanding that the board, manager, and various players be gotten rid of!

And all because of three bad results and only acquiring 4 top class signings during the Summer!

Now that is truly embarrassing!


  1. I am a life long Hammer, and yes I am embarrassed, but not for the reason you stated above. I am a fan of Billic, but the board I would happily see sell up tomorrow. Throughout their tenure, they have promised much, and delivered the bare minimum. These past few days Sporting Lisbon have accused Sullivan of being a liar, which is nothing that we don't know already. However, lying to the fans is one thing, but dragging a well respected club like SL into the mix is bad form, and not becoming of a West Ham owner, but for me, what tops it all is deflecting the blame onto Billic, in accusing him of refusing the player. It's shocking and disgraceful and has tarnished the what was once the well respected name of West Ham.

  2. its not the lack of wins or transfer activity,west ham fans should be used to that,its the way our chairmen go about there business that embarrass us as a club. I never wanted there dream of leaving upton park and becoming the new 'Man City' its not us! but many fans believed it,we always did things with a bit of style even in defeat,they have turned us into a circus act now,always in the news for the wrong reasons.

  3. We need to get behind our team whatever happens,we are being mocked by the media and opposing fans for absolutely anything, the current lack of empathy and division being shown by so called West Ham fans is not only embarrassing but it is also detrimental to everthing West Ham.
    Sure we've had a bad start but when do we ever have a good one?, Sure we've moved to a stadium that maybe isn't exactly ideal but if we hadn't had moved we would have been left behind by so called ambitious London clubs as they enjoyed bigger crowds from their bigger stadia.
    Blame the board if you like but don't forget that they were the only ones willing to invest money on us when we were drifting aimlessly towards Oblivion.
    So let's go forward and speak with one voice just as we sing with one voice on our travels, after all there are plenty of clubs in the lower leagues that have fallen on hard times, Blackburn, villa, Leeds, wolves to name a few, they would love to be where we are now.... But for some unknown reason we believe we deserve better.... Come on guys wake up and get behind the club...COYI.

    1. Yes we were drifting into oblivion, and my first impression was that of gratitude to the two Davids. However, I now see that the whole reason for them stepping in was a business opportunity not to be missed. When they finally do walk away, they will do so considerably far wealthier then when they first bought the club. I believe that we are now ranked as the 13th richest club in Europe. So do you not think we should be spending more on getting in the big name players as promised? Or would that sort of spend damage their long term business plan?

  4. Just two much trashy talk from the Two David's, keep your opinions to the boardroom, back Bilic or get rid, we are nowhere near the top six yet but we should be looking better than we do so far this season.....the defence is very poor, a week midfield and a lack of options up this down to Bilic and the system he is using or are the players just not up to the job.... let's hope we get it right soon!

  5. i have a season ticket,was at southampton,will be at west brom and have just purchased tickets for bolton,so i do consider myself a 'west ham fan' who gets behind my team, i was there before the davids 'saved' us and will be there when they have gone. If we drop to the championship i will still be there,but i still dont like the fact we have people running our club that seem to care more about there own publicity than anything else,no other club in the premier league has a board that behaves as they do,its tacky and makes us the joke figure we have become.

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