Tuesday 27 June 2017

West Ham's First Big Disappointment of 2017-18

As the new home strip hits the shops Hammers fans have had a chance to decide whether its a winner or not. The view at VERYWESTHAM is that it lacks ambition and creativity and bodes next season. In particular, the weird purple triangle on the upper chest looks out of place and better suited to an episode of Star Trek or the like (and we mean the Next Generation rather than Captain Kirk and the lads!).

As reports from ReadWestHam (see ex-WestHamEmployee)suggest that SuperSlav will have less money to invest than last season, maybe the kit reflects the mood at the club as one of consolidation.

However, as the 15th richest club in the world perhaps it's time to push on boldly and start building the 15th best team? A big signing at this stage of the Summer would send out a strong signal to other potential recruits that we are a club on the rise. Let's hope we don't find ourselves having to splash out big money on the end of Summer leftovers - we could do without another painful Zaza-like saga!


  1. It's claret with blue bits. Beyond that it's all pretty meaningless to me.

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